Before the Wedding

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are a great way to get more comfortable in front of the camera before the big day arrives. When selecting a location, consider what kind of vibe you want - urban, "natural", or something in between. Also consider selecting a place with sentimental value. Perhaps the place you first met, where you had your first date, or your favorite weekend hangout spot. For those who like the more photojournalistic feel, organizing your session around an activity can be a excellent approach. It can be something as simple as coffee at Stumptown or as adventurous as canoeing around the Arboretum. To get the most out of your session, please note that sessions are limited to 1 to 2 locations. Whatever your vision, I'm here to help make it happen. 

Wedding Day

Getting Ready

Some couples want to document as much of the day as possible. Others only want photos taken once hair and makeup are complete. This decision is up to you, and may depend on the total number of hours included in your package. If photos of the bridal party getting ready are on the to do list (and I highly recommend that they are!) try to select a space with plenty of natural light. For the best photos, also try to keep things as tidy as possible. This can be quite tricky in the moment. I recommend asking a member of your bridal party to be in charge of keeping things picked up so you don't have to worry about it.

Detail Shots

Detail shots are some of my favorite pictures to take. We get to document all the tangible items associated with your wedding day - rings, hair pieces, cuff links, flowers, letters from loved ones, and printed items, among others. To expedite the process, please gather these items together in advance so I can photograph them quickly. This leaves me more time to focus on capturing candid moments between you and your loved ones as you get ready.

First Look

There are a number of benefits to doing a "first look" before your ceremony. It gives you and your partner some low-key time to take portraits and allows more time to celebrate and mingle with guests directly after the ceremony. And it gives you more flexibility with location. Rather than being limited to space around the ceremony and reception site, the world is your oyster (as long as time allows).

Family Photos

In addition to bride and groom portraits, clients typically want formal family photos. The best time to do family photos is usually right after the ceremony. Have your officiant make an announcement at the end of the ceremony for family members to stay at the ceremony site or move to a pre-identified location. Appointed a friend to be in charge of gathering groups. This means they have they list of family photos handy and enjoy using a loud voice. Please note that each shot can take 3 minutes, so being judicious with your shot list can be wise.


In addition to photos of the family, I'll be getting a handful of formal photos of just you and your significant other. As mentioned above, a great time to do this is often before the ceremony. However, if you don't want to see each other before you walk down the isle, I get it! We can do photos after. Just be sure to allow for enough time in your day-of schedule. I typically need 45 minutes to 1 hour. This will be the primary time used to capture your portraits, however, I will also try to steal you away just before or after dinner to catch a few "golden hour" shots. The lighting just before sunset is killer.

Ceremony lighting

Natural light is always my favorite. If you're going the outdoor route, sunlight is a super important factor. The ideal scenario is for your ceremony to be an hour or two before sunset, somewhere with even lighting. Avoid dappled light or areas with mixed shadow and direct sun. If your ceremony is in a dark church or low-lit building, your photos will have a darker, moodier feel. It's a look I also love.

Reception Lighting

Capturing the mood of your event is important to me, and flash just doesn't always do it. I try to reserve flash for late night party and dance shots. For a romantic mood, candles and bistro lights are great. Just try to avoid using only candles, as super dim lighting can make focusing tricky. Crazy colored DJ lights are fun, but keep in mind all those colors will show up in your pictures, which may not represent the mood you want to capture.  

After the Wedding

Photo Editing and Delivery

Within 1 week of your wedding, I'll deliver 5 "sneak peak" images to share with friends and family on social media. Because all images or individually edited with care, final delivery of all images may take up to 2 months. Please note that my editing style is generally quite natural. I don't do a lot of "Photoshopping" and strive to produce images that stay true to the day itself. Please browse my galleries to get a sense of that that looks like. Images will be delivered via custom USB to the address outlined in your contract. 

Print Products

Print products are often one of the last things couples think about; however, I'd argue they're one of the most important parts of preserving memories from your wedding. Don't let your images languish on a zip drive or CD. Look at them, share them, love them. Interested in learning more about print options? Let's chat!